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Watching Him go away

I was sitting on the window sill,
When he was leaning on back on the fence
I watched him like I never could stop blinking
With my heart beating fast as a wind blow hard…

After some time, he saw me
I smiled, with my eyes looking into his;
He stared while i sat blushing,
It was Love, there was doubt about it!

Meeting everyday, smiling all the time;
life seemed so beautiful…
Then the day came, when I was,
ready to call him and confess my love–

And as I stood outside his gate,
I saw him packing to leave, oh;
I knew that it was never meant to be.
He was going, quite far away…

My heart was lost to him,
But I just stood watching Him go away…


My Birthday

Tomorrow is my birthday (22nd June) and i’m turning, 15! Quite a thing, I guess. And honestly, its my first time to celebrate it in school :O

Usually, my birthday is always in my summer holidays – this time its different. And the thing on my birthday is that it will have to rain. Like, it just has to. But sadly, I have to go to school and I have to try and be happy. At least for Mom. For her I got to keep my mood up. It will be good, I guess.

I don’t know. I don’t feel like celebrating it away from home. But I have no Choice!

My conversation with my best Friend

*Its a day when the rain had just stopped and I was hanging out with my bestie*

Me: The weather’s awesome… Lets watch a horror movie!

Bestie: But why?

Me: Cause it will be fun! Think of it. The creeps and the feels. Burr lets watch Paranormal Activity.

Bestie: Okay. But I tell you if I get scared… I will not make tea.. You make it!

Me: Yeah okay.

*Fifteen minutes after the movie has began*

Me, *in a hesitant voice*: Are you feeling scared?

Bestie, *in a casual voice*: Nope.

Me: Really, I mean we can watch a different kind… Without anything scary.

Bestie: Hmm. Nope.

Me: Okay.

*Ten minutes later*

Bestie: This isn’t scary you know.

Me: Actually. Weird this is. The previous movie was way better!

*After 5 minutes*

Bestie: I’m putting on the lights.

Me: I am getting a new movie!

*This was actually a real event. Though no offence to readers :)*

My conversation with Mom – A second round!

*It was a rainy morning and I was very, very happy because I love rain!*

Me: Mom, see its raining. I hope the weather remains like this… Absolutely cool!

Mom: No! No ways, if it remains like this then how will my clothes dry?

Me: Let it be no. Wash them tomorrow. Tomorrow’s Sunday anyway.

Mom: Listen, you know how much I love my Sunday. And God made it only once. I will wash it today!

Me: You are talking as if you will right now tell the Rain God to stop the showers…

Mom *sighs*: I wish I could. And now get up!

Me *looking confused*: Why? What have I done?

Mom: Help me with the clothes. There are too many…

Me: Yeah, as if I told you to buy so many.

Mom: Is this the way you are meant to talk to your mother? How could you?

Me: I was being sarcastic!

Mom: Well don’t be… Go wash your clothes.

Me: Weren’t you suppose to do so?

Mom: Am i your servant? I guess not. Go wash your regulars, I will do your school uniform.

Me: No. Can I do the uniform?

Mom: Absolutely not! Next I will see – my daughter has come back home early. And why? Because she has been rusticated due to her multi-colored uniform!

Me: *only stares*

*Ten minutes later, when we get the clothes together*

Mom: Oh the weather looks lovely! Lets wash the clothes tomorrow. Whats say?


*Readers this ain’t real 🙂 so no offence*

My conversation with Mom – A short story kind

*I return from school, and calls the hectic day to an end, when…*

Mom: Did you eat your lunch?

Me: Yeah, maybe.

Mom: ‘Maybe’. I made that lunch for you with such pain and, you say you ‘maybe’ ate it?!

Me: You know, I did have –

Mom: No, first you answer me! Maybe you ate your food? How could you?

Me, *trying to handle the situation*: I did have it… I just forgot.

Mom: You forgot? Now do I have to buy you ‘Remembering’ Pills? That’s left I think. No, you tell me what do you mean by that ‘maybe’?

Me: Maa, I had my lunch… I’m just exhausted. Can we please talk later in the evening?

Mom, *almost in tears now*: You have no time for your only mother. I made the lunch and you forgot… I want to talk to you and you want to call it the day… Oh god, my daughter has no –

Me: Mommy, please! I, okay, I will stay here, alright? Just, you sit down.

Mom: Okay, but you tell me about your ‘maybe’… How could you forget your warm lunch?

Me, *getting irritated*: Maa for the last time! I HAD MY LUNCH!

Mom, *looking grim*: You are getting no dinner.

Me: wha-

Mom: Go to your room! No dinner and I won’t make lunch for you for 2 days.

Me: But why 2 days?

Mom: Because you don’t eat it. End of discussion, and let’s call it a day… I’m feeling tired.

*And I’m left with no dinner, no lunch for 2 days and being up with homework -_-*

Readers this story isn’t exactly real, So no offence please 🙂

My love for Photography <3

DSCN0785IMG-20140520-WA00252014-05-24 15.07.01  My love for photography starts when I myself used to pose for pictures 😛 Nature is something that never fails to make me smile 🙂 Simply a divine creation of God !

The rain – A poem

The rain –
The rain falls,
From the grey clouded sky.
The wind shakes the trees and their branches;
From left to right.
In the field, the boys play their games,
The birds try to find a home, to save themselves from the rain.
Laughing and smiling, the little girls are,
Their mothers don’t want them wet and sick.
But the old grandmother in her wheel-chair;
Laughs and remembers her old days.
When she met her husband,
during the rainy days

Perfect Murder – The Finale

Rachel looked at her phone again. Yes, she was calling the right number. But what was astonishing was that she could hear it ring at the other end of her door. Did that mean…? No, Rachel was being mistaken somewhere here. But much to her surprise, the knocking on her door stopped and was a low sniffing sound coming. Rachel walked towards the door and opened it slowly.

“I knew it… I knew you were ok” said Rachel, opening the door wider. “Stephanie, where and why did you go?”

Stephanie did not look ‘Stephanie’ at that time. There was a grim yet dark look on her face. She looked at Rachel with her red, angry eyes. Rachel was scared now and sincerely wished she had not opened the door.

“Stop the police from looking for me… And don’t tell anyone that I exist” she said, in a low, eerie voice.

“Yes, ok but why can’t I tell anyone about you? Do you know how much Wyatt and I have missed you? We had no damn clue of your whereabouts, in fact the guards of that Villa also didn’t see you leave or anything… Where were you?”

“I don’t care… Just shut up and do as I say”

Saying that, Stephanie took out something, which looked like a dagger. Rachel walked back quickly in fear. “What’s – what’s this?” Rachel stammered.

“You wanna know why I’m telling you to shut up?”


“Then listen… Take a seat though – and yes make me a coffee”

Rachel made a cup of coffee and sat down scared, beside a dangerous looking Stephanie. Stephanie always did wear loud kohl in her eyes, but today those same eyes spoke mystery to Rachel’s. After a few sips of coffee, Stephanie turned to her friend.

“Why so frighten, Rach? I’m scaring you?”

“Step, what has happened? Why are you behaving like this?”

“Ah! Yes, I was going to tell you about that party night, right? Umm, first gimme your phone”

Rachel passed her phone, and Stephanie switched it off – but by wearing a glove.

“Why are you wearing a glove?” Rachel asked.

“None of your business”


“Step, is it something that happened when I was asleep?” asked Rachel. “If so, please tell me, I can fix it. I could just go to the police…”

“Oh shut up!” interrupted an irritated Stephanie. “Why must you be such a goody-two shoes? Like, you have to study for an exam rather than cheat! Or, or you have to sleep on time so that you aren’t late for school… Just can’t you be quiet and be bad?”

“I’m sorry”

“Now do you want to listen to my story; of what actually happened?”


“Now that night… You were asleep… I saw that – and honestly I was counting on you being asleep. Wyatt was busy with that senior and Jason was handling the music. Then I met Clara… My ex-best friend; she was my bae! She knew everything about me and I trusted her like anything too. But you know what she did? She broke my trust. She went and told my parents about me going to clubs and all. That brat; I never forgave her because she was the reason why my father almost died of palpitation. He couldn’t believe I would be so bad.

“But that day, when I saw her; all my anger, pain and everything came back to me. I wanted revenge. And of course, no one here knew her so it wasn’t going to be too tough. I took her to the terrace, we danced, laughed and I made her sick thanks to my unique combination of drinks. She needed the washroom and I took her there. While in there, I found a fruit-knife and ha! You can guess the rest. I just took her and threw her in the tank up the roof. And she was heavy!”

Rachel shivered. She knew she had lost Stephanie. The ghost of revenge had captured her friend’s mind. “What if anyone knew?” Rachel spoke, softly.

“No one will… It’s a perfect murder Darling. Even you can’t say a thing. Because you won’t live to say a thing! And you know, I love you, don’t you, Rachel?”

Perfect Murder Part 2 – A story

Readers I am sorry I could not post this earlier. Was sick and I hope you will like it 🙂 Happy Reading !

Rachel was taken aback. Tears swelled in her eyes, and her hands trembled slight. She tried to remember of anything she saw particular about her friend. Nothing, Stephanie was being completely herself. Rachel looked at her phone immediately. Alas, she did not find any messages of Steps. Usually, whenever Stephanie had left her and went somewhere – she would leave a message.

Rachel turned to a pale looking Wyatt. “When did you notice that she isn’t around?”

“Just some time ago… When Steve left”

“Who’s Steve?”

“That guy I was flirting with… You think we should ask Jason?”

Rachel shrugged. “He’s our last option at the moment so… Yes let’s go to him”

Jason was the popular guy of the gang. He was a DJ, and this was his party.

“Hey, Jason?” asked Rachel. “You got a minute?”

“Yeah, come sit” Jason smiled warmly. “Anything’s the matter?”

“Stephanie is, well missing” said Wyatt, slowly. “Have you seen her?”

Jason looked alarmed. “Okay, you guys know that I play music here and can’t move from my spot…”

“No, no we just are asking. Relax” Rachel held Jason’s hand. “Like you saw her anywhere… Or did you see her leave?”

“Umm, not really; I saw her with you on the floor – then I saw her with…”

“I saw her with a new girl” said Wyatt. “What’s her name?”

“Yeah, a new girl; her name’s Clara, I guess… But I doubt she has anything to do with Stephanie”

“Can you get this girl’s phone number?” asked Rachel, eagerly. “Please, I’m getting really worried. Stephanie hardly does this”

“Yeah, sure!” Jason stood up. “Wait, I’ll get her number… Just a minute”

After getting the number, Wyatt made several calls. Rachel panicked more and Jason looked worried, for if anything really happened to Stephanie – his DJ career at this Villa would have ended somehow!

“Is the phone even ringing, Wyatt?” asked Rachel.

“It was… Until now” sighed Wyatt. “Any other number you got, Jas?”

“Nope, this is the only number I could get of hers” said Jason, nibbling his nails.

“We have to call the police” said Wyatt. “Rachel… Give me your phone please”

“No don’t!” cried Jason. “Please, don’t call the police. This place will come down and my career might end”

“More than your career, my Stephanie is important” shouted Rachel, enraged. “Here, take my phone and call them over quick”

“Okay wait. Let’s just check out the place properly?” said Jason. “Maybe she’s on the terrace or something?”

“I saw… She wasn’t there” said Wyatt, coldly. “Why aren’t you taking this seriously?”

“I am taking this seriously. That’s why I am saying – let’s check upstairs once more”

They went upstairs. No sign of Stephanie. What had become of her? Rachel thought.

The door bell rang, making Rachel look up scared. She had now come out of her thought process. She kept her coffee on the table and made for the door.

“Who’s there?” She asked, before opening. No answer. Rachel looked at her wall-clock – 8:59 pm. No one came to her house at this time. And since Stephanie had disappeared; the police had warned her, Wyatt, Jason and the others at the party to be careful.

Rachel swallowed hard and called out again. “Please tell me… Else I’m not going to the door!”

There was still silence, and Rachel turned to end the night early. Suddenly – there was a loud series of knocking. Rachel gasped and jumped on her couch. The knocking did not stop and Rachel started her fountain of tears!

“Who is it?!” she screamed. But the knocking did not stop. It continued to grow louder and scary instead. Rachel wiped her tears and made for her phone. She knew that whoever it is at the other end of the door – has come to take her too. First, she wanted to call the police, but ended up calling someone else…

To add up to her fear, the number she called rang – and she could clearly hear the ring-tone at the other end of her door.

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