I love books a lot.It gives me a new inspiration in every page of it.

I started reading books when i was in class 2,and the book’s name was “THE NAUGHTIEST GIRL IS A MONITOR  by Enid Blyton. The book was given to me by my aunt. I really enjoyed reading it and made me read more and more books! I had finished almost all Enid Blyton’s books within a few months.I remember how my mother used to look for books for me to read.

Reading gives me happiness, gives me inspirations, helps me to grow my vocabulary, helps me to imagine.In simple words…BOOKS JUST GIVES ME A NEW LIFE! I want every child read books and make them their friends.

My all time favorite book is “THE NAUGHTIEST GIRL IS THE MONITOR” as it was the first book i have read and made me love to read.

I simply love reading and i know that it will never betray me!