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I funny” By  James Patterson and Chris Grabenstein was a really nice and enjoyable book to read.
The book is all about a young boy who cannot walk but knows how to make people laugh.The main character Jamie Grimm is a very fun-loving character who just wants people to laugh and make people notice him more for what he is not, his disable legs. His two best friends are Joey Gaynor and Jimmy Pierece. They have very a small appearance in the book but their characters show how supportive they are towards their friend.Jamie’s uncle Uncle Frankie is a very,very supportive towards him in this book, as he wanted Jamie to follow his dreams and he was the one who gave his nephew the courage to fight the stage fright.
The book has many funny jokes and it has a very feel-good story-line.Though if there were more jokes it would have been better! My favorite character is Cool Girl as she too wanted Jamie to follow his dreams.She has a very calm kind of a character and her straight-forwardness is a very nice thing about a girl.
The saddest moment in this book was how Jamie had lost his family as well as his beloved sister…It was a very touching moment when the Cool Girl too began to cry for him. Another moment which i did not really like was when Jamie’s cousin Stevie Kosgrov and his friends had tortured the youth very badly.
Over-all i really liked this book and this book is meant for the youngsters of today,  something that every school going kid will appreciate
So Happy-Reading!!
This review is for Random House but the views are mine.