This book is very wonderful and amazing to read. Though this is the second book I have read by James Patterson, it is a delight to read about how a youth manages his new school-life and his new home-town.

The main character Rafe Khatchadorian is a very fun, crazy and a very imaginative character. I liked the way he imagines his friend, as well as his dead twin, to be with him throughout and how the both of them take out solutions of every problem.

The story is about how Rafe Khatchadorian with his mother,Jules Khatchadorian and some-what troublesome sister Georgia Khatchadorian move to the big city. The place where Rafe’s mum used to work at was closing down and she needed a new job, so the family moves. The family then shifted to the big city where Rafe and Georgia’s grandmother lived. Later Rafe is put into a well known school where he has only one friend Matty The Freak, who only can get Rafe into trouble and get saved himself. In the end of the book Matty The Freak turns out to be Rafe worst enemy!

I liked Leonardo The Silent, as he was the only one true to Rafe…(even though he was imaginary!) Leo had many reasons for making Rafe’s mind light. He had made the operations to free his friend’s mind. Even though he had a small appearance in the book, it was clear that he was a very kind but a naughty kind of a person, who just wanted his friend to have some fun and not harm anyone much.

The best part of this book was when Rafe’s mother revealed that his father was a soldier, which was why he had to leave his family and go to be the country’s hero.

This is again another perfect book for the teens of today! I enjoyed reading it, hope you do too!

So Happy Reading!

This review is for Random House but the views are mine.