“The Jungle Book” by Rudyard Kipling was a delight to read! Both my aunt and my mother has grown up watching the Jungle book series and movies,but i for one have not even known what the Jungle Book about…just loved it!

The story is about how a pack of wolves find an infant boy out of no where in the jungle,and they don’t give the child up to a fierce tiger named Shere Khan.The infant boy then grows up to be a strong youth of the jungle,and his name becomes Mowgli.Mowgli learns all the tricks of jungle by the help of his teacher Baloo,the bear & his brother Bagheera,the panther.Mowgli then is sent to the village where he has to stay for the pack of wolves cannot defend him anymore and the king is no longer in power which makes the dangerous Shere Khan the king and brings Mowgli’s life into danger.Though in the end all sets itself in the right place.
My favorite characters are Baloo and Bagheera as they both stood beside Mowgli in times of happiness and sadness. Bagheera informed Mowgli about how Shere Khan would turn the entire pack against him and the king in order to kill the youth.My favorite part in the book was when Baloo and Bagheera were looking for Mowgli eagerly with the help to the cobra,Kaa.


For me the book was amazing to read as it was all about the life of animals which was really very amusing!

This review is for Random House,but the views are mine.