The Railway Children by Edith Nesbit was amazing! The mystery of the children’s father going missing & their most supportive mother,was the most heart-touching book i have ever read till date! Miss Edith has done a wonderful job by writing it in a narrative manner…
The story is about three children who love their parents a lot,especially their mother…All at once the children’s father is taken away by some men,which results the family to move far from their city-life to a beautiful little country-life.The children soon make friends with locals of their locality & start taking interest in the railways.They even stop talking about their beloved father as they know very well that if they continue to do so their mother might get hurt.Their mother on the other hand is very understanding and tries her best to save their father from the trouble as well as tries to keep the children unaware from what she and their father were going through.The children are very much sensible and know well that if they try to quarrel it would give their mother more trouble.The children play a very good rescues party to every person they find in trouble.The best character in the book was not one but two! The first is Roberta or Bobbie as the writer kept as a nickname, is the most sensible of the three children & is a very good nurse as the writer as placed her in the book.Her character shows that she is more like her mother than anyone else in the book.The second character which is my most favourite character after Roberta, is the old gentleman! The old gentleman is the most sweetest, lovable and helpful character.Its really amazing to read that an old man who just doesn’t know any one of the three children is being so affectionately nice to them by helping them by fulfilling their needs.

The mystery of the children’s father been taken away by some men,is a bit thrilling to read as the writer has placed his appearance in a beautiful manner.The most heart-touching moments,was when Roberta had gotten to know about what had happened to her father & how she breaks down with her mother; the second moment which brought tears in my eyes was when Roberta after a long period of time show her father come out of the train & she screamed “Oh! my Daddy,my Daddy!”…
The book was very well written! It was as if i were there when all this went on.

The review is for Random House,but the views are mine.