The book “Peter Pan” was a very enjoyable book to read.I had heard many stories of Peter Pan from my grandmother & even saw a movie of it! So it was fun to read and know more about it.

The book is all about fairies and how three kind-of a troublesome children go on for an adventure with a queer but a fun-loving boy, named Peter Pan.In the first few pages of the book there is a whole lot of confusion of what is actually going on! Though, in the ending of the third chapter, things are shown more clearly.I didn’t actually understand of how a dog could nurse three children! The boy,Peter is really a queer kind of a boy, who is very much forgetful but has feelings for Wendy.Wendy on the other hand is a normal child, who loves to be a housewife & is the eldest of the three Darling children.Her life doesn’t stay normal until she had temped Peter about how many stories she knew! The Darling parents are the most heart-touching persons in the book! The children’s mother is so very sensitive and s shown as a fun-loving person in the book.Their father in return is shown as a very foolish,short-tempered person.The adventures written in the book are very short but fun to read.It clearly defines how good Peter is! Wendy’s two brothers John & Michael are shown a bit less, while the Lost Boys (Tootles,Nibs,Slightly,Curly,the Twins) are shown more comparatively.Tinker Bell, Peter’s fairy is a very jealous kind of a character as Wendy starts getting close to Peter.The island Peter takes the children to is quiet a lot like an enchanted island with mermaids,fairies,etc.
The book is very nice though when the book was coming to end i thought that the author was trying to get over it quickly! I found a lot of confusion in the book but overall it was nice.

This review is for Random House,but the views are mine.