I love rain. I was born on a rainy day so it is obvious that I love rain 😛 Rain in Kolkata is so pleasant! I mean, yes there are floods and there are many holidays due to that (which I personally love); but the thing is that people here are so nice. Like if it rains, people will come to their neighborhood’s nearest tea joint to have some spicy chit-chat about their own neighbors 😉 . But yes if you go upto them and ask them “Can I sit here? I mean, can I join you people?” They will actually let you! I don’t know really if this happens any way else. Yummy food like all kinds of vegetable fries, warm tea and warm people. I love rainy days in Kolkata 😀

The younger generations, my kind I should say, love to play football and get all messy. I love to play volleyball but football is always the chosen best so its fun too. It is the time when people don’t do facebook or whatever and just stare at the beautiful rain. #Love_rain! ❤