Rabindranath Tagore – the King of Bengali Literature. For me at least he is. His birthday is today (9th of May) and my house has gone… well mad! My grandmother is a devotee of Tagore and so garlands of flowers and sweets have arrived to place in front of his picture. Honestly… I love the sweets that have come πŸ˜‰
Tagore has written about so many topics; topics like summer winter and especially monsoon! He loved monsoon. His poems are beautiful, but his songs are more heart-touching. His stories are nice and his dramas are wonderful! One thing I have noticed – he has not only written β€˜dramas’, he has written music and dance dramas. And I have been to a couple of dance dramas and yeah, they are good… I have heard and I’m planning to do more research over it – the time Rabindranath Tagore had lost his favourite child, he wrote his most painful and yet most successful works of art. Why? His own childhood biography is so nice that I being a deep reader could imagine the entire scenario.
Since my childhood, I have been into this craze of music and wonderful stories about Tagore. How he won a noble prize and how some idiot stole it, etc, etc! He was not a freedom fighter with weapons in his hands. Rather, he was one of the best fighters with the most powerful weapon that made him stronger till the day he died – his pen.
He wrote our national anthem. Tagore was the one who gave us Bengalis a new view to express our feelings through our pens. More given into short – He was a mastermind when he had his pen and papers. He will surely live forever J