She was sitting by her window for the last one hour.  It was Kriya’s and Ranvir’s two year anniversary since Ranvir proposed to be her boyfriend.  Kriya had many high hopes for this year’s anniversary because last year they could not celebrate due to their school internals.

However this year, Kriya had everything planned to the tea. She made cake for the first time and had bought her dear boyfriend a watch. Though, she was upset. The reason behind this was such:

Ranvir did not call her since last night. He did not seem to remember their anniversary and Kriya was sure till that moment that he has completely forgotten about their special day. But the thing that was bothering her the most… Was the fact that Ranvir was getting close to one of his tuition’s girl-friends. She didn’t know much about this girl but had heard about her much talked-about beauty.

Kriya looked at her Mickey Mouse wall-clock. 5:45 pm. Ranvir was to be at her place more than an hour ago by now. She became furious and started pacing up and down her balcony.

“How could he?! He forgot… Not a single call to even wish me! Yes, he was forgotten. But where is he?!” she thought to herself.

She picked her cell and gave a ring. He did not answer. Once again she tried but this time Ranvir disconnected her call. Third time, Kriya called – anger swelling high in her mind – but alas, Ranvir switched off his phone. By now Kriya had enough. She was a sensitive girl and this was too much to digest. Kriya hugged the Teddy Bear Ranvir gave her last year on her birthday.  She cried silently.

Almost half an hour went and Kriya was determining to get an answer for this kind of behaviour. She was about to pick up her cell-phone again, when the door-bell rung. For a moment Kriya yelped with joy then remembering her anger, she kept her stern look on. She opened the door and screamed!

There was a basket, in which a small white thing was moving impatiently. Kriya slowly opened it and saw a pretty little pup. She was amazed.

“Okay, Ranvir I got your gift… Please come here now!” Kriya giggled merrily.

Instead a man of about fifty appeared. Kriya was taken aback and was about to close the door when –

“Madam, I’m Ranvir Baba’s servant… He passed away this morning due to a massive heart-attack. He was wanting you to have this, he really loved you…”