Belinda began the maths homework. It wasn’t hers; it belonged to her sister Kristi. This wasn’t new, everyday Kristi would get a heap of homework and gave it to her younger sister to complete, for as it seems clear – Belinda was good in studies.

Belinda sighed as she stopped to take a break. She looked herself into the mirror. Her freckled face and smart spectacles made her a joke at school; At least to the ‘Cool Kids’. Belinda lay down on her bed and thought for a long time of why Kristi hated the nerds.

So here’s where her dream began –

Belinda woke up and looked at her watch. 9:35 am. She was very late for the very first time. She rushed to her cupboard and started thinking what she could wear. But much to her astonishment – all her clothes were fit for a 10 year old and not a 17 year old. Still, after finding something that would not show much skin, Belinda had a quick shower and realised that she had no more of her beautiful straight hair – but a curly yet wavy kind of hair now. She was puzzled and did not think much for she had to attend her physics class in time. Not even looking at the mirror once, Belinda nearly flew to her scooter and tried working it. Reaching school as soon as possible, Belinda ran like a mad woman to her class. People in the yard were giggling at the look of her, but she did not care – she was used to it.

“May I come in, Sir” she panted. “I’m extremely sorry to be late”

“Kristi? You don’t take physics… Why are you here?”

Belinda was in shock. That’s why people were making fun of her! Kristi never failed to show skin and she did the mistake to avoid that. Even her new hair and all were exactly like Kristi. Now she realised. She was not Kristi. Kristi was very different from her which was why people loved her. Belinda could never do these, and now she knew why Kristi did not like the nerds – because the nerds don’t like this stuff.

“Belinda… Wake up! Did you even do my homework?” asked a husky voice.

Belinda woke up in a daze. “Oh, it was a dream” she thought,

“Hello? I asked you something. Did you do my homework?” repeated an irritated Kristi.

“Yes… Almost; And Kristi – I hate your life…”