Sam sighed. He was in a deep dilemma which made him sigh after every few minutes. Now the dilemma was such: He was not sure of what to gift his girlfriend Callie – a Teddy bear or a doll. It was Valentines’ Day weekend and Sunday was the ‘V-Day’.

Sam sighed again. Callie was a very special girl to him. Of course she was his girlfriend, but before being in a relationship they were the best of friends. Callie was beautiful and bubbly, while Sam was a studious and serious kind of an individual. And so, as it seems obvious – Sam had no idea of what a girl liked. Plus, he was too proud to ask anyone for help.

“I guess a Teddy Bear will be great” Sam decided in glee.

The shopkeeper looked at Sam with a smirk. “First time huh?” was his question.

“Yep… And I know just what I want”

“You want?! My dear, the gift should be bought as per the girl’s taste not yours! What, are you gifting yourself on her behalf?”

Sam blushed with embarrassment. The man had a point. The gift should be of Callie’s taste and not his. So feeling frustrated he asked the shopkeeper, “What do I do now?”

“Umm, okay let’s try this… When you guys go to a restaurant… What does she order?” the man asked, with interest.

“Hmm, actually, I order on her behalf”

“Okay, well what does she tell you to order?”

“She doesn’t, I do it… She eats whatever I order frankly”

The man looked as though he had seen a ghost. Sam wanted to smile but pressed it back. “I always order fish and chips” Sam said quickly. “Can that help?”

“No, no that can’t help” said the man, looking around. “Okay, do you two go out for a movie?”

“Yeah… Rarely but yes”

“What kind does she like?”

Sam did not answer. Instead he looked everywhere except at the shopkeeper.

“Don’t tell me you make her watch whatever you like?!” shouted the annoyed shopkeeper, making Sam jump out of his skin. “What are you?!”

“I never ask her… She just says yes to everything” said a now meek Sam. “It isn’t my fault”

“It is… You know what? You don’t buy her anything…”

“What are you saying? You have gone insane” shouted Sam.

“No I am not insane… You are! Go, take her and ask her what she likes and wants… Go on! Do whatever she wants” the shopkeeper pushed Sam. “And next Friday, you come and tell me what happened?!”

The Friday came soon. The shopkeeper was dusting his shelves when Sam walked in with a grin.

“Evening” Sam chirped. “How are you?”

“Hello. I’m good… So how was your Valentines’ Day?”

“It was ok…”

“And how’s your special girl?”

“I don’t know”

The shopkeeper stared. “What you said, son?”

“I said I don’t know” blinked Sam, innocently.

“What happened? Tell me it all”

“Well, you said to ask her what she wanted… So I did”

“So, what happened?”

“Umm, actually when she started her list of wants and likes and everything, I realised I can’t be with her”

“What you – “

“I’m okay! In fact Lena is more my kind… So I went off with her”

“And that poor girl… What happened to her?”

“Oh, she’s with my younger brother Kyle… Both are too talkative!”