Rachel sipped her coffee. It was a rainy evening and she was thinking about the other night she spent at the Barlow Villa. She had been there with her great friend Stephanie, for a party. It was all a bad scene to her at the moment. Rachel closed her eyes and recollected everything that happened that night…

“Let’s go for the party, Rach” cried Stephanie. “C’mon Jason will be there…”

“I don’t care. Do you even know where the party is at? Barlow Villa?! And that place is not nice” said Rachel as she did her bed.

“So, it will be fun”

“Yeah; in your dreams, Steps”

“Okay, this is the last party! I won’t take you anywhere again… I promise you”

Rachel sighed. “Fine; but I’m not dancing with Jason”

“Oh my sweetheart!” jumped Stephanie. “No, you will dance with Jamie! C’mon get ready!”

The girls got ready and Rachel drove them to the party. The music was loud; people were dancing so hard that the floor was sure to break by Rachel’s instinct. All of a sudden, Stephanie shouted:

“Wyatt! How are you?”

Wyatt was the best gay friend of the two girls. He was the safest boy as they considered him. Wyatt waved wild at them. “What are you girls doing here? Don’t you know? This place isn’t good… Wait I’ll drive you back” scolded Wyatt. “Just a sec”

“No no…” Stephanie caught Wyatt’s sleeves. “We came to experience!”

Wyatt stared dumb. “She forced you right?” he asked Rachel, who just smiled innocently. “Fine, be here but don’t go to the terrace… It’s bad”

“Aye-aye Captain” winked Stephanie. With that, Stephanie pulled Rachel to the dance-floor. After a while of dancing, Rachel left the floor and went to Wyatt, who was busy flirting with a senior.

“Can I sit?” she asked.

“I can’t hear you!” Wyatt shouted.

“I said, CAN I SIT?”

“Yeah, sure… But why are you shouting?”

Rachel laughed and sat close to her friend. She felt tired and drained, and in her watch – it was already way past one.

“Wyatt, I feel like resting… Can I rest here?” she whispered into his ear.

“Yeah, why not; I’m here – you can rest for some time”

“Thanks” Rachel breathed heavily.

Rachel dozed off. All the music and the thumping foot-moves did not disturb her sleep. She was that tired! It was around four in the morning, when things started pacing.

Rachel was woken by a strong shake. She sat up and saw Wyatt. His eyes looked red. “What’s wrong?” said Rachel, softly. “Why are your eyes red? What happened?”

“Where is Stephanie?” he asked, his voice cold.

“I don’t… What happened, Wyatt?”

“I asked you something!” Wyatt now shouted. “Where is that girl?”

“I had left her on the dance-floor… I mean, I saw her last there!”

“You are sure you know no more?”

“Yes, I am sure. But what has happened? Please tell me something”

Wyatt started walking up and down the empty dance floor. It was not really empty – some people were there eating and laughing. But Wyatt was in a state of agony. Rachel gathered herself and went up to him.

“What happened?” she said, more calmly. “Please, tell me, I have a right to know”

Wyatt looked at her for a long minute. “Stephanie’s missing”