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Rachel was taken aback. Tears swelled in her eyes, and her hands trembled slight. She tried to remember of anything she saw particular about her friend. Nothing, Stephanie was being completely herself. Rachel looked at her phone immediately. Alas, she did not find any messages of Steps. Usually, whenever Stephanie had left her and went somewhere – she would leave a message.

Rachel turned to a pale looking Wyatt. “When did you notice that she isn’t around?”

“Just some time ago… When Steve left”

“Who’s Steve?”

“That guy I was flirting with… You think we should ask Jason?”

Rachel shrugged. “He’s our last option at the moment so… Yes let’s go to him”

Jason was the popular guy of the gang. He was a DJ, and this was his party.

“Hey, Jason?” asked Rachel. “You got a minute?”

“Yeah, come sit” Jason smiled warmly. “Anything’s the matter?”

“Stephanie is, well missing” said Wyatt, slowly. “Have you seen her?”

Jason looked alarmed. “Okay, you guys know that I play music here and can’t move from my spot…”

“No, no we just are asking. Relax” Rachel held Jason’s hand. “Like you saw her anywhere… Or did you see her leave?”

“Umm, not really; I saw her with you on the floor – then I saw her with…”

“I saw her with a new girl” said Wyatt. “What’s her name?”

“Yeah, a new girl; her name’s Clara, I guess… But I doubt she has anything to do with Stephanie”

“Can you get this girl’s phone number?” asked Rachel, eagerly. “Please, I’m getting really worried. Stephanie hardly does this”

“Yeah, sure!” Jason stood up. “Wait, I’ll get her number… Just a minute”

After getting the number, Wyatt made several calls. Rachel panicked more and Jason looked worried, for if anything really happened to Stephanie – his DJ career at this Villa would have ended somehow!

“Is the phone even ringing, Wyatt?” asked Rachel.

“It was… Until now” sighed Wyatt. “Any other number you got, Jas?”

“Nope, this is the only number I could get of hers” said Jason, nibbling his nails.

“We have to call the police” said Wyatt. “Rachel… Give me your phone please”

“No don’t!” cried Jason. “Please, don’t call the police. This place will come down and my career might end”

“More than your career, my Stephanie is important” shouted Rachel, enraged. “Here, take my phone and call them over quick”

“Okay wait. Let’s just check out the place properly?” said Jason. “Maybe she’s on the terrace or something?”

“I saw… She wasn’t there” said Wyatt, coldly. “Why aren’t you taking this seriously?”

“I am taking this seriously. That’s why I am saying – let’s check upstairs once more”

They went upstairs. No sign of Stephanie. What had become of her? Rachel thought.

The door bell rang, making Rachel look up scared. She had now come out of her thought process. She kept her coffee on the table and made for the door.

“Who’s there?” She asked, before opening. No answer. Rachel looked at her wall-clock – 8:59 pm. No one came to her house at this time. And since Stephanie had disappeared; the police had warned her, Wyatt, Jason and the others at the party to be careful.

Rachel swallowed hard and called out again. “Please tell me… Else I’m not going to the door!”

There was still silence, and Rachel turned to end the night early. Suddenly – there was a loud series of knocking. Rachel gasped and jumped on her couch. The knocking did not stop and Rachel started her fountain of tears!

“Who is it?!” she screamed. But the knocking did not stop. It continued to grow louder and scary instead. Rachel wiped her tears and made for her phone. She knew that whoever it is at the other end of the door – has come to take her too. First, she wanted to call the police, but ended up calling someone else…

To add up to her fear, the number she called rang – and she could clearly hear the ring-tone at the other end of her door.