Rachel looked at her phone again. Yes, she was calling the right number. But what was astonishing was that she could hear it ring at the other end of her door. Did that mean…? No, Rachel was being mistaken somewhere here. But much to her surprise, the knocking on her door stopped and was a low sniffing sound coming. Rachel walked towards the door and opened it slowly.

“I knew it… I knew you were ok” said Rachel, opening the door wider. “Stephanie, where and why did you go?”

Stephanie did not look ‘Stephanie’ at that time. There was a grim yet dark look on her face. She looked at Rachel with her red, angry eyes. Rachel was scared now and sincerely wished she had not opened the door.

“Stop the police from looking for me… And don’t tell anyone that I exist” she said, in a low, eerie voice.

“Yes, ok but why can’t I tell anyone about you? Do you know how much Wyatt and I have missed you? We had no damn clue of your whereabouts, in fact the guards of that Villa also didn’t see you leave or anything… Where were you?”

“I don’t care… Just shut up and do as I say”

Saying that, Stephanie took out something, which looked like a dagger. Rachel walked back quickly in fear. “What’s – what’s this?” Rachel stammered.

“You wanna know why I’m telling you to shut up?”


“Then listen… Take a seat though – and yes make me a coffee”

Rachel made a cup of coffee and sat down scared, beside a dangerous looking Stephanie. Stephanie always did wear loud kohl in her eyes, but today those same eyes spoke mystery to Rachel’s. After a few sips of coffee, Stephanie turned to her friend.

“Why so frighten, Rach? I’m scaring you?”

“Step, what has happened? Why are you behaving like this?”

“Ah! Yes, I was going to tell you about that party night, right? Umm, first gimme your phone”

Rachel passed her phone, and Stephanie switched it off – but by wearing a glove.

“Why are you wearing a glove?” Rachel asked.

“None of your business”


“Step, is it something that happened when I was asleep?” asked Rachel. “If so, please tell me, I can fix it. I could just go to the police…”

“Oh shut up!” interrupted an irritated Stephanie. “Why must you be such a goody-two shoes? Like, you have to study for an exam rather than cheat! Or, or you have to sleep on time so that you aren’t late for school… Just can’t you be quiet and be bad?”

“I’m sorry”

“Now do you want to listen to my story; of what actually happened?”


“Now that night… You were asleep… I saw that – and honestly I was counting on you being asleep. Wyatt was busy with that senior and Jason was handling the music. Then I met Clara… My ex-best friend; she was my bae! She knew everything about me and I trusted her like anything too. But you know what she did? She broke my trust. She went and told my parents about me going to clubs and all. That brat; I never forgave her because she was the reason why my father almost died of palpitation. He couldn’t believe I would be so bad.

“But that day, when I saw her; all my anger, pain and everything came back to me. I wanted revenge. And of course, no one here knew her so it wasn’t going to be too tough. I took her to the terrace, we danced, laughed and I made her sick thanks to my unique combination of drinks. She needed the washroom and I took her there. While in there, I found a fruit-knife and ha! You can guess the rest. I just took her and threw her in the tank up the roof. And she was heavy!”

Rachel shivered. She knew she had lost Stephanie. The ghost of revenge had captured her friend’s mind. “What if anyone knew?” Rachel spoke, softly.

“No one will… It’s a perfect murder Darling. Even you can’t say a thing. Because you won’t live to say a thing! And you know, I love you, don’t you, Rachel?”