*I return from school, and calls the hectic day to an end, when…*

Mom: Did you eat your lunch?

Me: Yeah, maybe.

Mom: ‘Maybe’. I made that lunch for you with such pain and, you say you ‘maybe’ ate it?!

Me: You know, I did have –

Mom: No, first you answer me! Maybe you ate your food? How could you?

Me, *trying to handle the situation*: I did have it… I just forgot.

Mom: You forgot? Now do I have to buy you ‘Remembering’ Pills? That’s left I think. No, you tell me what do you mean by that ‘maybe’?

Me: Maa, I had my lunch… I’m just exhausted. Can we please talk later in the evening?

Mom, *almost in tears now*: You have no time for your only mother. I made the lunch and you forgot… I want to talk to you and you want to call it the day… Oh god, my daughter has no –

Me: Mommy, please! I, okay, I will stay here, alright? Just, you sit down.

Mom: Okay, but you tell me about your ‘maybe’… How could you forget your warm lunch?

Me, *getting irritated*: Maa for the last time! I HAD MY LUNCH!

Mom, *looking grim*: You are getting no dinner.

Me: wha-

Mom: Go to your room! No dinner and I won’t make lunch for you for 2 days.

Me: But why 2 days?

Mom: Because you don’t eat it. End of discussion, and let’s call it a day… I’m feeling tired.

*And I’m left with no dinner, no lunch for 2 days and being up with homework -_-*

Readers this story isn’t exactly real, So no offence please 🙂