*It was a rainy morning and I was very, very happy because I love rain!*

Me: Mom, see its raining. I hope the weather remains like this… Absolutely cool!

Mom: No! No ways, if it remains like this then how will my clothes dry?

Me: Let it be no. Wash them tomorrow. Tomorrow’s Sunday anyway.

Mom: Listen, you know how much I love my Sunday. And God made it only once. I will wash it today!

Me: You are talking as if you will right now tell the Rain God to stop the showers…

Mom *sighs*: I wish I could. And now get up!

Me *looking confused*: Why? What have I done?

Mom: Help me with the clothes. There are too many…

Me: Yeah, as if I told you to buy so many.

Mom: Is this the way you are meant to talk to your mother? How could you?

Me: I was being sarcastic!

Mom: Well don’t be… Go wash your clothes.

Me: Weren’t you suppose to do so?

Mom: Am i your servant? I guess not. Go wash your regulars, I will do your school uniform.

Me: No. Can I do the uniform?

Mom: Absolutely not! Next I will see – my daughter has come back home early. And why? Because she has been rusticated due to her multi-colored uniform!

Me: *only stares*

*Ten minutes later, when we get the clothes together*

Mom: Oh the weather looks lovely! Lets wash the clothes tomorrow. Whats say?


*Readers this ain’t real 🙂 so no offence*