*Its a day when the rain had just stopped and I was hanging out with my bestie*

Me: The weather’s awesome… Lets watch a horror movie!

Bestie: But why?

Me: Cause it will be fun! Think of it. The creeps and the feels. Burr lets watch Paranormal Activity.

Bestie: Okay. But I tell you if I get scared… I will not make tea.. You make it!

Me: Yeah okay.

*Fifteen minutes after the movie has began*

Me, *in a hesitant voice*: Are you feeling scared?

Bestie, *in a casual voice*: Nope.

Me: Really, I mean we can watch a different kind… Without anything scary.

Bestie: Hmm. Nope.

Me: Okay.

*Ten minutes later*

Bestie: This isn’t scary you know.

Me: Actually. Weird this is. The previous movie was way better!

*After 5 minutes*

Bestie: I’m putting on the lights.

Me: I am getting a new movie!

*This was actually a real event. Though no offence to readers :)*